Realistic Expectations

If a traveler doesn’t have a destination in mind, then any road will do. Unlike nomads, serious investors need to determine a destination by establishing realistic goals based on their values, in balance with their personal circumstances. Our goals describe where we want to go and our values define why we want to go there. … Read More →

Investor Toolbox

We have been working through the elements of the Wealth That Lasts Process during the past few articles. The purpose of the process is to block out the ‘noise’ that comes from the scattered, disconnected investment information that bombards us every day. The financial services industry has focused most of its attention on marketing to … Read More →

Wealth That Lasts

The two main lifecycle stages to be examined in investment management for an individual or family are accumulation and depletion. The accumulation stage is defined as the period when wealth accumulates faster than it is used (working life). The depletion stage is defined as the period when wealth use exceeds accumulation (usually retirement). When one … Read More →

RISK is a four letter word

Is the market ever going to stop going down? What is going to happen next? Should I change my strategy? I’m worried about our national debt, terrorism, accounting fraud, interest rates, strengthening dollar, weakening dollar, weak earnings, consumer confidence, housing starts, investor apathy, inflation, deflation, gold prices, European debt crisis… It has been said that … Read More →

Meet the Smiths

A case study designed to help understand values and goals in relation to personal circumstances. This article and the next will be used to help define financial independence. In the previous article, we defined values and goals as they relate to the development of your wealth management strategy. Since the range of individuals’ goals can … Read More →

Goals & Values

The What and Why of Your Wealth Management Strategy It was Mark Twain who said “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” He was speaking about the lack of direction that exists in most people’s lives … Read More →

Block out the Noise

The first in a series of articles developed to define and personalize the Wealth That Lasts Process. This process is based on your personal values and goals, in balance with your assets and lifestyle needs. It is designed to block out the noise of the investment markets and allow you to focus on the things … Read More →